The Journey Across the Night


Genre:  Suspense, Youth

Episodes:  45’× 24


A young man named Li Jia goes to Hong Kong to study psychiatry for a pressing reason. His family has a genetic disease that caused his mother and brother to be diagnosed with schizophrenia at age 24 and he is desperate to escape the same fate. Since there is no room left in dormitory of university, he has to rent a room himself. He thus makes acquaintance with Zhang Chacha – a letting agent and Shi Cheng – a schoolmate. Li Jia later met Xiao Xi who has some unusual talents and got two fellows when he is over 20. And there are some stories happening between Xiao Xi and Zhang Chacha. Li Jia and his group come across more mysterious events and strange persons.


Amy Zhang
Overseas Distribution Director
TEL:86 13301165513

Audrey Huang  
Overseas Distribution Specialist
TEL:86 152 0127 3507

Jenny Liu
Overseas Distribution Specialist
TEL:86 18810905536

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