Si Teng


Genre:  Modern, Fantasy, Romance

Episodes:  45’× 30 (TBC)


In the year of 1946, demon girl Si Teng was killed by Reverend Tian Shi in the town of Shanghai. In the year of 2013, Qin Fang and his fiancee headed to the West to search for a benefactor. On the way there, a car accident occurred. A drop of blood from Qin Fang resurrected the demon girl who was buried in the ground. In the year of 1937, Si Teng disregarded Qin Fang’s instructions and wanted to carry out her revenge plans. Si Teng tries all ways to break away from Bai Ying’s control. However, she gradually finds out that seventy years ago, her fate, as well as Qin Fang’s fate, have already been arranged.


Amy Zhang
Overseas Distribution Director
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Audrey Huang  
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Jenny Liu
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