Princess At Large Ⅲ




Using her identity as a spy to her advantage, Lan Ruoxi was able to avert a crisis for Donglin yet she now faces the punishment of death by beheading. All while Qi Lingxiao tries to save her. Nanyan prince Rebu Hadi (Gao Yang) has sentenced Lan Ruoxi (Lu Yixuan) to death after she was deemed a traitor. Fortunately for her, none of the imperial doctors know how to cure the poison affecting Rebu Fengxun (Luo Junfan), leaving them no choice but to rely on her exceptional medical skills. Through the course of the treatment, Rebu Hadi gradually becomes attracted to Lan Ruoxi. At this time, the crown prince of Donglin, Qi Lingxiao (Sheng Yinghao), has infiltrated Nanyan under a disguise in his attempt to save Lan Ruoxi. He heeds Lan Ruoxi’s insistence to stay as she tries to save Rebu Fengxun. Jealousy stirs among the two men as they vie for the affections of the same woman. Meanwhile, princess Qingcheng (Wang Meiqi) has been working in secret with the Shadow Guards in order to exact her revenge by inciting a war between Nanyan and Donglin, thus putting everyone in danger.


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