Novoland: Eagle Flag


Duration:56 eps * 45 mins

Genre: Costume, Fantasy

Broadcast Date: 7/16/2019

Broadcast platform: Zhejiang TV, Youku, Tencent

Director:ZHANG Xiaobo


LIU Haoran as LV Guichen

SONG Zu’er as YU Ran

CHEN Ruoxuan as JI Ye

LI Guangjie as XI Yan


The story is a great epic of Novoland, a group of heroes fighting for their beliefs and ambitions. During the conflicts, dark forces were ready to move, and heroes were strongly expected by common people. Three Youths LV Guichen, YU Ran, JI Ye were pushed on to the stage center of the chaos, and they were convolved by the destiny, going through all kinds of tribulations and tests, growing up together and cultivating feelings for each others. In the end, the three youths set foot on their own king ways and became real heroes in order to stick to their faith, achieve their ambitious and protect their clansman. Experiencing conspiracy, betrayal, wars and enormously proud, the vows they made before were still ringing and the three youths were still full of vigor.


Zhang Jia Dong — Project Manager, International Distribution Dpt.

Tel: +8615811372817



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