My Love, Enlighten Me.



24 eps x 45 min.

Forced to leave the girls’ group, 22-year-old Nuan Nuan starts struggling from scratch in the society, and encounters the young genius visualist Han Che who has Hyperthymesia. In order to complete his grandmother’s last wish, Han Che returned to China to undertake the project of “Recreating Dunhuang”. Han Che, a self-disciplined neat freak, has to take in the poor and slovenly Nuan Nuan. Nuan Nuan starts her job as a salesgirl in a clothes store. By virtue of her unique aesthetic talent and hard work, she becomes a top clerk in the store in a short time and is promoted to work in the head office. Nuan Nuan encounters many difficulties there, but she turns the tables and becomes a member of the design department. The valuable experience allows her to learn rapidly and gradually find the direction of her life. With the experience in dressing she accumulated, Nuan Nuan has developed a collection of clothing styles for civilians, and is determined to make more common people beautiful and confident. Han Che has always accompanied Nuan Nuan along the way to her success. Although they’ve experienced a lot of misunderstandings and challenges in their relationship, they’ve also shared warmth and sweetness. Finally, they combine trendy clothing styles with Dunhuang culture together wisely, and display the cultural treasures to the world in a gorgeous modern posture. In the end, Han Che gently holds the hand of Nuan Nuan gently and says: my Love, enlighten me for the rest of my life.


Zhu Liangjie — VGM of Huace Global


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