Mr. Right



45episode x45min

Russian Dubbing Version Available

Cheng Hao is a dentist from a high-end dental clinic who helps others chase girls in his spare time, while he himself, a so-called lady-killer, has never been in love. Luo Yue who has had her heart broken by many men goes to Cheng Hao’s dental clinic. The two, who initially hate each other, start their interesting love story.

Zhang Mingyang, Cheng Hao’s partner, falls in love with a girl and goes to Cheng Hao for help. However, it turns out that Cheng Hao once had a crush on this girl. Zou Beiye, a friend of Cheng Hao’s, asks Cheng Hao to help him chase a model, Qiao Yilin. The three men with different emotional problems became good friends and in the end they find the girls of their dreams and learn a lot.


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