Mad House


Duration: 24eps * 45-50 mins

Genre: Sci-Fi, Suspense

Broadcast Date: 8/9/2018

Broadcast Platform: Youku

Director: Passsee WU


LIU Chang as MENG Nan

LU Shan as MU Sifan

HAO Yanfei as DU Jianghong


MENG nan, who was from a mysterious human research institution abroad, was ordered to return home to find a special patient. Under his investigation, all the clues were pointed to a remote “mad house” named Jiushan. MENG Nan became the internship at the hospital relying on his special ability, and during the process, MENG Nan fell in love with another internship MU Sifan. However, just as they getting used to all kinds of strange mental patients, who were imprisoned in their complicated mental world waiting for redemption, they found out there are hidden secrets under those doctors with pure white coats.


Zhang Jia Dong — Project Manager, International Distribution Dpt.

Tel: +8615811372817



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