Le Coup De Foudre


Drama, Romance

35 eps x 45 min.

Zhao Qiaoyi and Yan Mo are desk mates in high school. They have a promise to go abroad together after graduation. Yet they fail to make it happen. After 4 years on a high school classmate reunion, they meet again. Zhao Qiaoyi finally realizes that she loves Yan Mo and determines to pursue her love. Yan Mo is almost almighty on study and work, but he is bad at expressing his feelings. The things he has done for Zhao Qiaoyi are known by nobody except himself. Eventually Zhao Qiaoyi and  Yan Mo overcome all the obstacles and get together, fulfilling their initial promise.


Zhu Liangjie — VGM of Huace Global

Email: zhuliangjie@huacemedia.com

Tel: +86 — 13989869108

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