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As a wholly owned subsidiary of Beijing Jetsen Technology Co., Ltd (300182.SZ), Jetsen Huashi Wangju Cultural Media Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as “Huashi Wangju”) is an entertainment and media company that aims at offering the best service based on contents, and shaping the business ecosystem via various channels. The company has cooperated with over two thousand production companies, and has accumulated more than fifty thousand hours of copyrighted entertainments, cartoons and programs. Its digital matrix contains movies, TV shows, animations, programs, original videos, etc. The network covers 50 percent market share of Chinese theatrical movies, 30 percent market share of popular TV shows in prime time and 40 percent market share of cartoons for satellite TV stations. Meanwhile, Huashi Wangju purchased 200,000 minutes of quality international cartoons and children’s television programs. The company also developed its own domestic entertainment and educational program for children of all age, the Great Town platform. Now, Huashi Wangju has become the leading digital license distributor, multi-media cultural transmission service provider, and digital service operator in China.

Huashi Wangju has set up the operating system that covers various terminals of the new media forms in an interactive way, creating Intelligent Entertainment focusing on cellphones and PCs, Intelligent House focusing on digital TV, IPTV and OTT that cooperate with mobile devices, and Intelligent City focusing on public resources such as outdoor TV, mobile TV in transportation and hotel televisions. The company always put customers first, utilize various terminals and take application scenarios as service guideline. The goal is to lead the cross-industry business in the time of multiscreen entertainment. Huashi Wangju integrates their services based on contents, organize the distribution via all types of channels, and reach to all users with various terminals, in order to build a sound system of culture and entertainment service that combines distribution, media operation, interactive terminals and customer service. The plan is to adopt horizontal integration and build a dynamic industrial ecosystem that enables publisher, media operator and terminal users to interact with each other.

Expand international market and make worldwide connections

Huashi Wangju aims at expanding its all-media international market and becoming exclusive distributor of various films and television works from home and abroad. after the launch of international business strategy in 2016, the company has built local procurement and distribution team and purchased over 1000 movies including Slumdog Millionaire, The Expendables, and Hummingbird. The company has the exclusive copyrights of thousands of quality international films.

In the meantime, Huashi is the major distributor of Chinese films and television shows overseas that covers local TV channels, new media and network. TV drama Fuyao became the winner of most popular TV shows for four weeks in a row, and the most popular Chinese TV dramas in Youtube, after it was launched simultaneously on TV in Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippine, Korea, Japan, Hongkong and Taiwan, as well as other platforms such as Youtube, DRAMAFEVER, VIU and iqiyi Taiwan. It created the new hitting record after the show was released on VIU Taiwan, and scored 9.7 out of 10 in VIKI platform.

Another TV drama Drug Hunter also successfully hunted down numerous viewers. The first episode got one million hits over a short period of time, and beat many popular costume dramas at the time. The leading actor Hewei Yu won the best Asian Actor of Asia Academy Creative Awards (AAA) due to his extraordinary performance in the show.

Huashi Wangju makes great effort to introduce Chinese films to the world. The film Please Take My Brother Away was successfully launched in Turkish theaters.

The company aims at building its business with focus on content, with global purchase and distribution of international copyrights worldwide. Acquisition of Sky Link TV in 2018 marks the milestone of the development of international business strategy. It helps the company to achieve its goal of global license purchasing and distribution, and to harvest more international films and TV resources. Sky Link TV has multiple U.S. channels in various languages. With the excellent entertainment and news content from Huashi Wangju and advantages of Internet distribution, U.S users can experience the new era of multiscreen entertainment, including theaters, televisions, internet and mobile Apps. Combined together, they create a brand-new model that contains various entertainment contents, distribution platform and new media channels, which makes the total coverage come true, from big screens to small ones.

What’s more, the company makes great effort to localize more Chinese programs, in order to break culture barriers for viewers overseas and bring Chinese culture into U.S. mainstream. The beauty of China should, and will travel across the globe, and be appreciated all over the world.


Zhang Jia Dong – Project Manager, International Distribution Dpt.

Tel: +8615811372817



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