Fantawild Animation Inc.


Fantawild Animation Inc. is the most influential animation company in China specializing in the whole industrial chain from creation and production to global marketing under Fantawild Holding’s name. Fantawild Animation has created renowned animation brands including Boonie Bears, Boonie Cubs, Chicken Stew and Kung Fu Masters.

Globally, Fantawild Animation has distributed its cartoons to over 120 countries. Some of these programs have been broadcast on Disney, Nickelodeon, Sony, Netflix, Hulu.

Since 2012, its animated series “Boonie Bears” has been China’s most popular cartoon, and its merchandise has quickly become the best-selling products among fans across the nation, with annual sales of merchandise reaching over 435 million USD. In TV distribution Fantawild programs are popular on over 200 channels nationwide. On digital platforms, Boonie Bears reached over 300 billion hits. Furthermore, Fantawild’s seven Boonie Bears feature filmshave set several new records in China’s animation industry by totaling over 500 million USD at the box office.


Kristina Razmerova – Senior Regional Manager
Phone:+86 15012470425

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