Every Treasure Tells A Story


Season 1&2


50 episode x5min

Russian Dubbed Version Available

Every Treasure Tells a Story is a series of light mini-documentaries on cultural relics. There are 100 episodes and each episode is only five minutes long. Some of China’s most significant artifacts, such as the Crane Bone Flute from the Jiahu Ruins, the Big Grams Tripod, and the Sword of Goujian, are each condensed into a five-minute episode. With some little-known yet fascinating stories full of ups and downs behind these national treasures, the audience will travel back in time and be amazed by their enduring value and charm, discovering the soul of Chinese culture.


HAI RI — Distribution Manager

Email: hairi@chnpec.com

Tel: +86 10 6395 5768/+86 18618374321


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