Dream Teams



52 x 26’

Trailer: https://inverleigh.com/portfolio/dream-teams/

Full Episode Screener: https://inverleigh.com/sample/dream-teams-1-2/

It could be Germany’s team of the century, Real Madrid’s ultimate line-up of the past two decades or the ultimate Manchester United line-up of the Ferguson era…

Dream Teams is a unique series that selects ‘dream teams’ across various clubs, nations and eras – all sports including football, basketball, tennis, motorsport, and more.

The program explores the options and possibilities of who ‘makes the team’ in the process facing some massive dilemmas that inevitably lead to highly debatable outcomes!

Who makes the ultimate F1 starting grid and who takes pole? Who will win the coveted ‘number 7’ in Ferguson’s ultimate Man U line up… is it Beckham, Cantona or Ronaldo? Hard decisions to be made!

Each episode is dedicated to one sport and involves the building of three ultimate teams, providing historicial insight and context via short features before revealing the ultimate starting line-up!


Harri Glazier — Sales Manager (Europe)
Email: harri.glazier@inverleigh.com
Phone: +44 7859 153 952


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