What on Earth?


Earth’s Mysteries

6 Seasons – 92 x 60’

(S1 – 6 x 60’; S2 – 13 x 60’; S3 – 20 x 60’; S4 – 20 x 60’; S5 – 20 x 60’; S6 – 20 x 60’)

Circling high above the earth at 17,000 miles an hour, satellites uncover startling mysteries invisible to observers on the ground. With high magnification optics, infra-red scanning and advanced ground-penetrating radar, they capture images that lead us on startling journeys into hidden worlds; revealing the secrets of the past and astonishing natural phenomena. Some of these images are breathtaking, but some are bizarre. One could be a vital clue to the location of the Garden of Eden, another might reveal the legendary golden city of El Dorado. What is the terrifying truth behind the massive tsunamis seen from space that disappear without trace, and the sinister blood-red lake in war-torn Baghdad?


Janice Strangward
SVP Sales & Acquisitions
Wag Entertainment Limited.
+44 (0)7990 583 732

Samuel Masters
Sales Executive
Wag Entertainment Limited.
+44 (0)7595 028 512


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