Strange Evidence


Science Mysteries

4 Seasons – 44 x 60’

(S1 – 10 x 60’; S2 – 12 x 60’; S3 – 10 x 60’; S4 – 12 x 60’)

Around the world 300 million cameras are watching us… sometimes they see things that defy explanation. A camera films a car levitating on a freeway, a security camera sees an Egyptian statue spin around in its glass cabinet, and a remote camera films an alien creature in the sewers beneath Michigan. In this mystery science series, we attempt to solve these bizarre sightings and more as experts analyse footage captured by security cameras, dash-cams and drones. Can science explain this strange evidence?


Janice Strangward
SVP Sales & Acquisitions
Wag Entertainment Limited.
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Samuel Masters
Sales Executive
Wag Entertainment Limited.
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