Combat Dealers


Transactions – History

5 Seasons – 44 x 60’

(S1 – 6 x 60’; S2 – 8 x 60’; S3 – 10 x 60’; S4 – 10 x 60’; S5 – 10 x 60’)

This History transactions series follows the adventures of wheeler-dealer Bruce Crompton, a buyer and seller of old military collectibles.  He travels around the barns and battlefields of Europe and the old Eastern Bloc, hunting down everything from old radio kits to WW11 tanks. Across the series Bruce and his team turn rusty cannons and tanks and more into hard cash.  Bruce is a history nut with a sprawling hoard of tanks, armoured vehicles and other militaria.  Combat Dealers is loud, warm and full of fascinating military history, wheeling and dealing, engineering fixes and explosive stunts.


Janice Strangward
SVP Sales & Acquisitions
Wag Entertainment Limited.
+44 (0)7990 583 732

Samuel Masters
Sales Executive
Wag Entertainment Limited.
+44 (0)7595 028 512

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