76 Horror Bookstore – Tin Can of Fear


4×25’, 1×100’

76 Horror Bookstore is the franchise brand where the first installment is adapted from four unique, well-spread spine-tingling online stories carefully curated and produced, written by the same author and under the title of Tin of Fear.

She moved in to this cheap and torn single room in a nearly abandoned apartment, didn’t expect she was not alone in the room. Warning from the lanlord, “run faster, or get eaten alive” …


Wake up in an upside-down world where enjoying food is not only illegal but could cost your life !

Hide and Seek
A group of teenagers are lured to death while playing hide and seek in an old, torn-down house that swallows them in …

Have you ever wondered you may meet the loved ones who had passed away, again and somewhere, unexpectedly? Do you know that one had committed suicide has to repeat the same hurting every day, at the exact time he was dead until he is forgiven by his heart-broken family members? The story is about a taxi driver who killed himself years ago is coming back to his daughter for forgiveness.


Tristy Chang
Associate Director
Studio76 Original
Email: tc@studio76.co
Phone: +8862-2655 7557 #735

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