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Vallaround Creative Contents is a production and service studio focused on animation, storytelling and transmedia creative contents. We provide several services such as motion graphics, paperless , cut-out, 2d-3d animation and visual effects. Wespecialize in Toon Boom pipeline and technology. Our studio produces contents ranging from short animation for movies to television themes, corporate videos ,tv-series, edutainment, viral for the web, animated trailers, graphics andcontents for apps. Vallaround is also a facility involved in hi-end training and consulting in the field of animation, and his founder Federico Vallarino is the representative for ITALY, ALBANIA, BULGARIA, MACEDONIA, KOSOVO, SERBIA, MONTENEGRO, BOSNIA-HERZ, CROATIA, SLOVENIA, MALTA, CYPRUS, HUNGARY, POLAND, ROMANIA, and GREECE territories as Sales Agent and Business Development for Toon Boom Animation Inc, which develops products to create digital content and animation solution software.

2D animation: – Vallaround is a 2D animation Studio, skilled in Storyboarding, Animatic, 2d rigging, paperless, cut out animation, compositing and post production using the Toon Boom software pipeline.

Training :Vallaround is a learning and training facility focused on Storyboard PRO and Harmony softwares and teaching Storyboarding, Animatic, 2d rigging, paperless, cut out animation, compositing and post production. Consultancy : Working in the animation business for 15 years, Vallaround can help you in evaluating the best pipeline for your products, connecting to international producers for potential coproduction, and finding the best crew, hardware and software for your project.

Federico Vallarino:

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