3DD Productions ltd


3DD evolved into a fully- fledged production company in 2009 when it began creating single documentaries and series in the history, crime, arts, music and cinema genre with channels such as Sky Arts UK, Yesterday TV, Netflix, Discovery, Sky’s international services, National Geographic, AMC, Sundance,  Discovery Europe, TF1, ZDF, RAI and Foxtel.

Now celebrating its 25th Anniversary, 3DD’s range of programmes covers series on war Hitler — Germany’s Fatal Attraction and The Vietnam War, stolen art series Raiders of the Lost Art, mythology with its animated series Myths & Monsters for Netflix directed by Daniel Kontur, iconic women in history and their sisters with Tale of Two Sisters, our true crime series Murder Maps hosted by Nicholas Day, Royal history series, The Stuarts; Game of Kings presented by Professor Kate Williams, and great comedians, Comedy Legends hosted by comedy writer Barry Cryer with contributions from fellow comedians Tony Hawks, Jo Caulfield, Clive Anderson, Tim Brooke Taylor and Steve Punt.


Charlie Morton-Boyce
Sales & Operations Manager
Email: Charlie.Morton-Boyce@3ddgroup.com
Phone: +44 020 7380 8100

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