Genre: Drama / Telenovela

Short Description:

Season 1: 72 Eps x 47’

Season 2: (tbc) 75 Eps x 47’

Nazaré is the Hottest content from SIC with an audience share on Prime Time of 28.2% and keeps on beating records week after week. This production has a fresh and Summer look since the story has place in a small city located by the sea with some characters doing surf sport. Nazaré is the name of the city and of the main character, a strong female with an inspiring character that nurtures the audience into being better humans beings and standing for the values of love and truth, we all believe in.

Nazaré is a force of nature. She is young, determined, strong and willing to do almost everything to save her mother’s life which depends on an expensive surgery. In a middle of a wildfire, Nazaré ends up saving Duarte’s life and, the closeness between Nazaré and Duarte will become the perfect motto for Felix (Duarte’s uncle) to make Nazaré an offer she can’t refuse: to betray Duarte in exchange for her mother’s treatments.


André Santos Silva — Content Sales Executive
Phone: +351214179679

Carlota Vieira — International Distribution Manager
Phone: +351 966 775 305


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