Lucky Break


Genre: Drama / Telenovela

Short Description:

Season 1: 30 Eps x 45’

Season 2: 52 Eps x 45’

Season 3: 25 Eps x 45’

Maria do Céu is a hard working widow, dear to everyone in town. Up until now, she made a humble living selling fruit at the market. Suddenly she wins the lottery and becomes one of the richest women in the country. From now on, Céu’s goals are to allow her family live a good life and find her missing son Rafael. As a pregnant teen, the newborn was taken away from her when her childhood sweetheart Zé Luís and her family were manipulated by Preciosa, Zé’s mother, to give up the baby for adoption. Little does she know, she will open a pandora’s box, while burning a hole in her pocket.


André Santos Silva — Content Sales Executive
Phone: +351214179679

Carlota Vieira — International Distribution Manager
Phone: +351 966 775 305


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