Karl and Friends



KARL AND FRIENDS is an original animation hoping to give children a wonderful and exciting feeling gained from new experiences and new encounters.

This animation focuses on preschooler and its family, and its story stimulates their curiosity. Unique designs and gentle colors created by Junzo Terada who was in charge of character design and background concept enhances the beaty and mystery of the story. 


In a far away town that no one knows, there are wizardly creatures living together. Each creature has to choose a profession, which they need to be good at. Karl unlike his friends, hasn’t decided what he wants to be, just wonders off to dream of being something more adventurous, less ordinary. All the creatures are quite naïve and innocent. They are living in this strange town but Karl is always wondering what’s outside world is like. Can he step out? Is it more exciting? Is it dangerous? They help each other day by day to be grown up, more responsible and able.


Year: 2010

Episode No.: 26

Length: 5 mins

Format: HD

Aspect Ratio: 16:9

Target: Kids 6-9

Language: Japanese (English Script Available)


Yoshifumi Ito
International Sales & Production
Nippon Animation Co., Ltd.
Phone: +81-3-3574-5931
E-mail: y.ito@nipponanimation.com

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