Cobra the Animation


TV Animation SERIES + OVA

30min x 13eps + 30min x 6eps (OVA)

Sci-Fi Adventure

Psychogun Screener:

Password: cbr_phycho_0106

“Time Drive” OVA

COBRA is a mix of spaghetti westernand samurai stories!

Lady has disappeared so Cobra must dive into her past to save her. This is the story of who Lady used to be and how she got that metal body.

“The PsychoGun” (OVA)

Utopia finds herself saved by the easy-going yet legendary space pirate, Cobra, whose custom made Psychogun makes him a force to be reckoned with.

TV series

The latest adventures of the immortal COBRA

Cobra is very known space pirate. But no one can find him. Everyone believed that he was dead. But he was alive, cahnged his face, erased his memories and becomesa common guy.

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