The Dark Widow



81 x 60 min

Her angelic beauty is Griselda Blanco´s biggest enemy. At the age of 14, her mother´s partner rapes her, which unleashes the fury that will be a constant in this scary woman´s life. After taking revenge against her rapist, Griselda falls in love for the first time.  Eyebrows, her partner, will be the first to betray her, giving birth then to the great crime legend, the Black Widow. Story comes to a climax when Griselda´s son is kidnapped by a powerful cocaine magnate. This kidnapping is part of this Colombian drug dealer´s revenge since Griselda arranged to kill Martha, the magnate´s niece. This twist of events leads her to plan her escape on the day of her execution and get back to Medellin in order to rescue Michael Corleone. Her untiring fighting spirit and her intense fury drive her to achieve her goal. The Black Widow will surpass all hardships life puts in front of her until the day she dies on a street in Medellin. Some hitmen riding motorbikes, a method she invented herself, shoot her when she is coming out from a butcher´s shop.


For more information, please contact:

Televisa International

Mario Castro

Sales Director

+ 1 305 775  8312

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