Single Dad



87 x 60 min

Nicolás Contreras and Victoria Robles are two opposite worlds: they love and hate one another, but life will amaze them and they will end up forming a beautiful, funny and peculiar family next to Nicolás’ three orphaned nieces: Camila, Alexa and Sofi. Nico is a hardened bachelor, attachment free, who doesn’t believe in marriage or love. Victoria Robles is just the opposite, she wants to start a family and be a mother. But life has a bad move in store for her, as an illness prevents her from childbearing. This causes her great pain, which intensifies when her husband to be, Mauricio Mijares, cancels the wedding the day before. Nico is shocked to learn that his sister Cristina and her husband have died, leaving their three daughters orphaned. Nico, as the only close and direct relative, will have to care for them. Nico’s life takes a radical turn, but through the coexistence with them, he will learn to accept the value of the family and will also manage to find love next to Victoria.


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