82 x 60 min

It is the story of a boxer who despite facing great adversities will not give up until he is crowned champion in the box, in love and as a father. Ringo is a man of 35 years, who had dedicated his life to boxing today is retired. At the height of his career he loses the national boxing title against the Turk, since before the fight began he received the hard news of the death of his brother. This fact makes it move away from the wheels, but not in boxing. The Turk is and will be the adversary of his life for a long time. After that moment Ringo decides not to continue boxing, at the same time, which until then had been his wife Gloria, leaves him to go with the Turk, both go to live in the United States. Ringo stays in charge of his son Santiago whom he adores and tries to maintain with his limited resources, they live in a space that the “Oso” rents him in the upper part of the Delta Boxing Club. Her mother Teresa helps him take care of little Santiago, she works in the cafeteria that serves the Box Club. Ringo is a hard-working man, but he has not been able to get a steady job.





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