No Trace of You



The night before her wedding, Julia, a young pediatrician with a bright future, disappears without a trace. Five years later, in the middle of the road, a university student finds a woman dressed as a bride, alone and disoriented. The boy takes her to the nearest hospital. During the journey the woman reaches to say her name: Julia Borges. Julia has no memory of what happened to her during these five years. She only has an image that she can not get out of her mind: a man she does not recognize and who promises to take care of her forever. Mauricio, Julia’s fiancée, believing her dead, has moved on with his life. He is married and has a one year old son. His new wife: Camila, Julia’s troublesome younger sister. The only one who kept hoping to find Julia is Tomás, her best friend and co-worker. Tomás has invested all his money, ruined his marriage and has been almost ruined by trying to discover her whereabouts. The reason? He’s always been in love with her.Julia tries to face this new reality, in which the man she loves is married to someone else and all her life projects collapsed. Meanwhile, looking for clues that reveal what happened to her during these lost years and who was responsible for her disappearance.


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