Love to Death



87 x 60 min

At 60, León Carvajal decides to marry Lucía Borges, a woman 30 years younger than him. The wedding becomes a tragedy when, surprisingly, the famous millionaire is killed in full celebration. Exactly at the same time, in a sinister prison, is executed in the electric chair El Chino Valdés, a dangerous murderer sentenced to death. And, right at that very moment, while driving his vehicle, Beltrán Camacho, a professor at the National University of Mexico, runs down a ravine. The three deaths occur at the same time at 1 o’clock in the afternoon. When Leon the millionaire is declared clinically dead, something unexpected happens: his soul reincarnates in the young and handsome body of Chino Valdés, the fierce hit man. And so, the great tycoon literally returns from death, totally unrecognizable, to find out who murdered him and why. Leon will discover that Lucia, his beloved wife, and Johny Corona, his man of trust, planned everything while they wallowed in a bed.


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