Laws of Love 1 & 2



183 x 60 min

2 seasons

Imagine that the people who fight for justice are the ones who need it more. They too suffer in love, at work, in their personal relationships; they suffer even more than those they defend in the courts of Mexico City.

This story takes place at the “Vega y Asociados” law firm, where Mexico’s top lawyers struggle to bring justice to all those they represent. They are Ricardo, Leonardo, Roberto, Olivia, Victoria, Benjamín, and Leticia, headed by renowned lawyer Alonso Vega. Here is where their personal stories merge with the cases they stand up for.

In the second season of this legal drama, Ricardo and Alejandra will have to fight for their love in the midst of fate’s adversities and complications, such as the presence of Alejandra’s ex Carlos and the introduction of new lawyer Sofia. On the other hand, Alonso Vega will do everything possible to keep his firm together. Roberto and Victoria will be closer than ever, but their situation will be complicated when Adrián, a new lawyer who falls for Victoria, enters the office. Gustavo will continue to be immersed in a deep depression that blurs the thin line between justice and revenge. Juan will begin to lose ground, and his situation worsens when Tatiana approaches him again, disappointing his mother and Fer as well.

Although all Vega and Associates attorneys are going through personal struggles, they must stand firm to resolve the cases of people who come to them for help. In the end they will realize that the struggle for justice never ends, but it prepares them to overcome seemingly impossible challenges.


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