97 x 60 min

L.I.K.E. (Life’s Institute of Knowledge and Evolution) is a high-level multicultural school with headquarters all over the world that works to provide a comprehensive education. It is touted as “modern” and “open,” but in reality it has all the same flaws as a typical school. A group of adolescents desperately seeking identity, while trying to survive the expectations of adults, to live a life they choose for themselves. The young protagonists of this story will establish relationships, experience conflict, and line up their priorities. Meanwhile, they will discover the music of an erstwhile rock band, without knowing their current teacher Gabriel was a member. This will be their motivation to start making music of their own, and little by little they will recreate the legend of that band that once roamed the same halls. The new group will be united by their passion for music and their need to express themselves through it.





For more information, please contact:

Televisa International

Mario Castro

Sales Director

+ 1 305 775  8312


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