I Am the Queen



Yamelí Montoya lives immersed in a world of poverty, danger and exclusion. She is a shy, studying adolescent with a great talent for composing music. She has everything she needs to succeed in music. However, she makes a big mistake: falling in love with Charly, an aspiring singer who has more than enough charisma but lacks talent. Together with him and her friend Juanjo, they create Soul&Bass, a band that promises to be the new sensation of urban music thanks to Yamelí’s songs. Nevertheless, Charly is ready to do anything just to achieve his dream of succeeding in the music industry, even betraying the girl who loves him. The Soul&Bass are hired by a Miami-based producer to record their first demo. Charly sees in this trip the opportunity to get rid of Yamelí forever and hides drugs in her suitcase. Yamelí is arrested and sentenced to 22 years in prison. Seventeen years later, Yamelí has followed every step of the career of the now famous, Charly Flow, who achieved international fame thanks to the lyrics she wrote. But life has a new chance in store for her. After an attempt on her life in prison where she is considered dead, the DEA proposes that she be freed under a new identity; Yamelí accepts the deal and becomes Lari Andrade. Thus, she begins her vengeful plan against all those who ruined her life, including the man she loved so much and whom she now hates, Charly Flow.





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