Giving Up My Life



82 x 60 min

It is the story of two families who become acquainted through Nicolas, Elena and Ernesto’s adopted son. Elena, Ernesto and Nicolás were a happy family, until Nicolás is diagnosed with leukemia and needs a bone marrow transplant urgently; however, none of the adoptive family members are compatible with him, so Ernesto and Elena are forced to find their son’s biological parents. They fail to find the mother, but they do find Pedro, the father, who is shocked by the news since he had no idea he had a child. After verifying that he is the father, Pedro doesn’t hesitate to become a donor. Ernesto and Elena thank him deeply, but ask him not to have any relationship with Nicolás, which Pedro accepts convinced that Nicolás has an established life with his adoptive family and he has no place in it. But fate has decided otherwise, and everyone’s life will change completely.


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+ 1 305 775  8312

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