Fall into Temptation



103 x 60 min

Fall into temptation is the thrilling story of two couples who dare to live a forbidden love. Occurring in two different times, Fall into temptation shows a painful present after discovering the lies that had been growing around these two couples, who were apparently connected only by a good friendship, and a past in which we ignore what happened when these two marriages met, three years before, unleashing a daring and unconventional story. The secret love of the lovers in the past, and the heartbreaking suffering of the betrayed ones in the present. Both stories are interfered by a police intrigue over a crime that triggers several questions, taking us through an outburst of emotions, characters, and situations to finally conclude that, somehow, all of us might… Fall into temptation.





For more information, please contact:

Televisa International

Mario Castro

Sales Director

+ 1 305 775  8312


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