Blind Date



70 x 60 min

Lucia lives on the edge. She is over 30 years old, has no boyfriend and is constantly fighting against the scales. However, her biggest problem is not her weight, but Maura, her mother, who struggles to prove her that she won’t get anywhere as she is and the way she is living her life. Marina, Lucia’s younger sister, marries and Maura’s only concern is that Lucia will be arriving at the wedding alone, dressed in black and fatter than ever. Lucia accepts to make a bet with her mom. She will win the bet only if she arrives to her sister’s wedding accompanied by a “real” couple, with a few pounds less and a colorful dress, so Maura´s pressure, comments and constant meddling in Lucia’s life will end, plus she will get to keep her mother’s house for her own. If Lucia loses the bet, she will pay herself a liposuction to start giving Maura the satisfaction of seeing her changing.This way, a countdown begins, in which every date will be a chance Lucia can’t miss. She has 258 days left to find love.


For more information, please contact:

Televisa International

Mario Castro

Sales Director

+ 1 305 775  8312

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