Conferences and Events Program / Moscow 2017

China-Russia Media Forum

Working language – Russian/Chinese

The China-Russia Media Forum is a professional platform which aims to make up relationship between Chinese and Russian TV & film companies. Industry experts from the two countries will join us to share the status and future trend in each territory. In a digital age, what opportunities and challenges the Chinese and Russian media companies will meet? How the media players in the two countries could tie up for mutual benefit? Come to find the answer in the Forum.


Program outline

14:00 Keynote Speeches: Introduction of overall media environment in China and Russia.

14:20 Panel Discuss 1: Under the global new media environment, the opportunities and challenges for contents and formats distribution, as well as IP licensing between China and Russia. 


14:50 Panel Discuss 2: Thinking and exploring the possibilities in China-Russia co-production, joint development and other in-depth cooperation in film and television. 


15:20 Q&A