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VIP2000TV Screenings

VIP2000TV is proud to present 3 of it's productions, available worldwide as format or as production. Screenings VIP2000TV will be held in the Conference Hall on 15 November, 17:00

Caracol TV presents new content

Interview with Paloma Garcia Cuesta, International Executive Sales Europe. We are presenting in this market 2 new fiction titles, THE GIRL and THE WHITE SLAVE, and a new entertainment format called ON ANOTHER LEVEL.

Czech Television

Czech Television, the public broadcaster in the Czech Republic, takes the opportunity to visit The World Content Market 2016 in Moscow and to introduce its production available for international licensing.

Record TV

Our portfolio includes successful soap operas, series and documentaries, such as "The Slave Isaura", "Proof of Love", "These Women", "Joseph from Egypt", "King David" and "Moses and the Ten Commandments" and many others.

Cuba: A different look from the Antilles

To exhibit Cuban cinema in most of the world's screens is one of the main goals of the ICAIC that for over fifty years has promoted the work of several generations of Cuban filmmakers.

New Films and Projects from Alex Studio Films

Film AlexStudio Films was founded in 2012, independent filmmaker Alexey Berdennikov, in St.Petersburg.

Carlos Documet, Latin Media Corporation

Latin Media Corporation's catalog is wide in regards to content, especially from Latin America.

Roxanne J. Barcelona, GMA Worldwide

GMA Worldwide Inc. (GWI), a subsidiary of GMA Network is in the business of the worldwide distribution of GMA's content.

Main Internet Partner